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My skills are the result of years of practice as an engineer and developer, but also my constant desire to learn. Without bias or ideology, I keep trying to understand the impact of new technologies on our lives, but also how to put them at the service of humanity as a whole. This by practicing my passions, new technologies, mainly artificial intelligence, to challenge our ideas in order to improve our organizations, our habits and our relations with the machines. And by calling as much to the hard sciences and technology as to other areas of knowledge such as digital humanities.

I can put my knowledge and skills to the service of your organisation. Do not hesitate to contact me.

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What I can do for you

Machine Learning

Inject intelligence into your process

Data Science

Earn a predictive advantage over your competitors

3D and Virtual Reality

Become an actor of new learning methods


Take advantage of new organizational technologies

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The Digital Revolution will profoundly change the rules that govern our daily lives from our workplace to our home, and to our occupations themselves. We will need a lot of collective intelligence to use solve the issues raised by the new technologies. But I think to the answer is in the digital technology itself, and that way we can work together.


You can gain a lot in productivity through new ways of working using machine learning technologies and the blockchain. It may be time to invest to be at the forefront of automation while putting it at the service of everyone. Let’s work together and take up the challenges of the digital age.

Web platform development

Training and education are key to the future, and new 3D technologies and virtual reality are revolutionizing the way we learn. I can help you put in place an effective strategy for the development of human knowledge through the creation of adapted tools.


My skills are the fruit of years of practice as an engineer and developer and my involvement in free software.


I am at the forefront of the latest technologies and I am constantly thinking about new applications.


During my years of experience I have developed a rigorous and organized work methodology.


I only commit to projects that improve the quality of life for the greatest number.


I am constantly looking for new partnerships with the best and the most innovative.


The partners I work with are among the best and I make you use this excellence to develop your projects.